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Client comments and reflections;

 "Tom's insight into the way we think and conduct ourselves is inspiring. 
The information that Tom's provides is powerful and causes you to think hard about yourself and about your actions and reactions"

Scott Lindquist
Director -  Outcome Accounting

"You helped set me on this different path in the leadership/mental space mate, so thank you!"

        Tim Bean
        CEO - Salute

 "Tom made me feel at ease but certainly challenged my thinking on many occasions.

I have never felt so accomplished, learning skills that not only made me the kind of leader I wanted to and continue be but skills that are transferrable into my personal life!

I highly recommend chatting to Tom if you would like to begin your journey and transformation. Thank you Tom, I am so grateful!"

Charmaine Wing
Team Leader -  NAWMA 

Meet Your Coach, Tom!
 I was born, bred and live in Adelaide, South Australia.
I've  had many adventures over the years, living and working overseas – having spent 12 months teaching in a Military University in Changsha, China and also in the UK.  

These experiences, some 20 years ago, were the start of his ‘people development’ journey and he hasn’t stopped since.  

In 2006, I went back to Uni and completed a double degree, one in Human Resource Management and one in Tourism, at the University of South Australia.

   Since then I have worked with hundreds of great organisations and individuals, helping and guiding them to BE better and DO better so that they can overcome challenges and achieve greater success.

  When I'm not coaching, you'll find me hanging out with my wife and two kiddies, attempting DIY on my house and venturing into the great outdoors for a camping adventure!

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